Welcome to our newest weekly column Top 3 Must Have Apps Of The Week. Prepare to have all the coolest apps reviewed for your technological pleasure. This article is sponsored by the Tessa: a kick-ass customizable iPad stand that helps adjust to your lifestyle. Tessa is here to help you become the coolest kid in your dorm by telling you what apps you should have on your smartphone.

CardMunch Powered by LinkedIn:

CardMunch is made for the networker in all of us. It allows you to scan any business card, and in less than an hour you have all the information saved on your phone. This app is badass because you never have to manually type in another person’s email, number or name ever again. It’s a step in the right direction to prevent our generation from developing extreme carpal tunnel. Let’s take a moment to see what can be done with all the time you have, now that you never need to add another contact to your phone again.

  1. Parkour.
  2. Start writing that screenplay about your family life.
  3. Come up with an elaborate plan for a bank robbery and then chicken out as soon as you pull on the ski mask.

LinkedIn acquired the app less than a year ago and has real humans typing in all the information, to guarantee that it’s correct. It also connects with LinkedIn API so you can convert that business card into a LinkedIn connection. The greatest thing this app does is create a separate phone book to help organize your contacts, separating friends and family from your business contacts. In short: no need to worry about butt dialing any of your clients ever again.

Couch Traveler HD

Have you ever been told by anyone that you’re not “worldly” enough for them and that all you do is sit on a couch with your friends and laugh at the sound of farts? Ohh, then I have an app for you to shut that dumb ex-girlfriend mouth. It’s called Couch Traveler HD and it allows you the ability to sit on your beer stained love seat and see what all the hoopla is about the pyramids or the poorly executed Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The app is also connected to Wikipedia, so you can get educated about the places that you will never travel to.

I foxed around with this app for a good two hours, and this is what I learned:

  1. The Statue of Liberty was once bronze, and a smaller version can be found in France.
  2. Iceland actually has something other than ice.
  3. The exact location of New Zealand.

So if you are into learning about the world or are a vindictive asshole that wants to prove a point, then Couch Traveler HD is the app for you. Enjoy traveling the world in the comfort of one’s room without wearing a fanny pack and looking touristy.

The Great Akinator

I don’t even know where to begin with this, but it is utterly amazing. The Great Akinator is a mixture of 20 questions and Hadji the Indian kid from Jonny Quest. Name any person in movies, music, or even history and my boy Akiee (we’re close like that) will definitely guess it. Some of his questions are weird like do they wear shoes or even if they are from our galaxy, but he is on point. Here are a list of things that people at Campus Socialite HQ tried stumping him with, but he got them:

  1. Nanook – The dog from The Lost Boys answered in 18 questions.
  2. Ms. Frizzle – The teacher from Magic School Bus answered in 18 questions
  3. Wishbone – The dog and star of Wishbone answered in 24 questions.

If you are into endless fun and good times with friends or family, or just enjoy being in a state of utter awe, then The Great Akinator is a must have app for you. We’re also looking to try to stump The Great Akinator so please feel free to put your suggestions in the comment box below. If you help us stump him we will send you a photo of The Campus Socialite Team, signed.

This article is sponsored by Tessa, who believe that products should conform to your lifestyle, not the other way around. They achieve this goal by designing a product that is customizable to your lifestyle. To find out more about Tessa check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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