Just as much as Easy Mac, condoms, and North Face jackets, textbooks are an essential to the complete college experience.  Put it this way, if Batman were a college student (forget that he’d really only be able to take night classes), in addition to Bat-arangs, Bat-cuffs, and his trusty Bat-grappling hook, the Dark Knight would probably need an Advanced Chemistry manual on his tool belt to prevent Gotham from falling prey to the Scarecrow’s fear toxin.  Bruce Wayne may be able to go to Lucius Fox for all of his weapons and technology needs, but there is only one stop for Bruce and all other students when it comes to ammo for the classroom:

If you are looking for the most convenient, affordable, and complete textbook provider on the Internet, the search ends at  Stocked with millions of titles and the most used books in the world, is the leader in buying and selling publications for the college student.  Users also are encouraged to save money, time, and trees by buying digital through as the site allows you to download eTexts to access your books immediately at a reduced price.

If their extensive catalogue isn’t enough to sell you on, then some of the site’s other perks should win you over.  To support their total satisfaction guarantee, ships all books within 24 hours of your purchase, guarantees cash back on select items, provides instant online quotes, and offers free shipping on all orders over $25.

With the fall semester right around the corner, you should be putting your class schedule together within the next few weeks.  Just remember three things: no Friday classes, no classes before noon, and look for all of your required reading only at


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