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Texts From Last Night Founder Creates New Social Networking Site

By: Travis Harvey

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A new social network has just popped onto the scene and it takes the genius of Texts from Last Night and allows you to control it. Bnter comes from Lauren Leto, one of the creators of TFLN.  According to the website, Bnter is a way to share your conversations and learn more about the lives of friends and others.

The concept works something like if Texts from Last Night met Twitter. You post your favorite text conversations, or “txt convos,” onto the site where all of friends can see and say things about them. Now people don’t have to complain about their texts not making it onto Texts from Last Night because you post the text on Bnter.  The textbook definition of banter is good-natured and usually witty, animated joking, which is the point of this website.

Don’t think this is just another chance for people to be obnoxious and post every conversation they have because they think it’s the funniest thing in the world.  There is a limited number of posts one can do per day, so choose wisely people: Because there is more freedom than Texts from Last Night, there are also more guidelines.

There are three main rules for users are to be real, think about privacy, and make sure it’s appropriate. Above all else the main goal is to have fun with the new social network platform. Leto and her partner Patrick Moberg, creator of, have probably just found the next big thing and some people don’t even know it yet.

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