By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

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So did you know about the ‘Quit Facebook’ day event that was supposed to take place a couple days ago? I know I didn’t but that’s probably because in my time in college I’ve become so addicted to Facebook it’s like my drug of choice. Not that I do drugs, but I have a feeling that in a couple years some study is going to come out saying that Facebook is actually worse than some drugs and we all know that’s complete BS…. Hold on I have to check my Facebook. 

Quit Facebook day was created because of the new privacy settings Facebook has implemented, but even though I do not particularly like these new changes doesn’t mean I’m going to give up a great means of communication with my friends. Fortunately for all of us addicts out there the quit Facebook day was a complete flop.

I would really like to know who thought they could take out a social media giant in one day with an event called Quit Facebook Day, because honestly they have some big…dreams, they have big dreams. Mark Zuckerberg has us all in his hold because despite the changes that are randomly made to Facebook and how mad we all get we all go crawling back to it and I for one am completely ok with that.

According to a poll of almost 10,400 people on 42% percent of people screamed hell no into their computer screens and continued farming their herd, or whatever the hell you do on Farmville. A whopping 25% of people claimed they would quit Facebook on may 29, 2010, but that was probably for one day… and duh it was memorial day so people were busy grilling out and laying by pools so even I didn’t go to my computer and check my Facebook ( I checked from my phone).

While we’re on the topic of this poll from Mashable, there are apparently still people in the world who haven’t saw the glorious joys of Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. Now I may sound like some kind of loser who love his Facebook a little too much, but don’t judge you probably love it just as much as I do, but I’m guessing the 10% of people who don’t have a Facebook could just still live in the dark ages of corded phones, dial up internet and antenna TV sets, but we all know those things went extinct like the dinosaurs a long time ago.

Here’s a great parody video about quitting Facebook… don’t let it give you any ideas though, you still love to poke that girl you met in biology freshman year.


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