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The 15 Hottest University of Arizona Wildcats (Gallery)


Next week, The Campus Socialite and Invite Only Management bring you an exclusive DaDa Life concert, on campus at University of Arizona. The show goes down on Tuesday, May 3rd at the Bear Down Gymnasium on Arizona’s Tucson Campus.  If your in the area, I don’t doubt that you will be there, and if you aren’t in the area, fly the fuck out. It’s guaranteed to be the biggest party all spring, so get your tickets now. So it’s no secret that Arizona State has some of the hottest girls in the country, but it’s neighbor to the south is no slouch. University of Arizona girls can go toe to toe with any party school, and just to prove it, The Campus Socialite brings you the 20 hottest Arizona Wildcats. Enjoy socialites, and we’ll see you at the show.

Big Thanks to Tucson12 for the pics!

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