The 25 Hottest Girls Of The Eighties

Usually we just stick with the standard 20, but the 80’s had so many hot, spandex-clad, hair-teased chicks, we just had to add the extra 5. Even that was hard to narrow down. The 80’s was a time of nation-wide excess. Money was flowing, jobs were like fat girls on OK Cupid, and the bombshells wore skin tight spandex and more hair than Jimi Hendrix. Aside from a few that managed to stay hot into the 2000’s, girls from the 80’s tend to get overlooked. We’re about to show you why this is a damn shame. The picture quality might have been awful, the outfits worse, but if the 80’s should be known for one positive thing, it should be for its plethora of babeness. You’ll thank us later.

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