I don’t think I need to tell you guys a 10th time that I love Dogfish Head Beers. The other night I happened to be enjoying their legendary 120 Minute IPA. It contains 21% alcohol and still manages to be light and delicious. Drink 4 and they’ll be dragging you out of the bar by your hoodie. Anyway, It got me thinking about the most alcoholic beers in the world and where Dogfish would rank. Well, I won’t ruin the surprise because you’re about to read about the 5 Most Alcoholic Beers in the world. Night-ruining, floor-introducing power in one bottle.

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XXX Warlock Double Imperial Stout – 18%


XXX Warlock at first sounds like a really weird porn movie, possibly involving Charlie Sheen. I think in this case however, the X’s are a kickback to the Moonshine Jugs of old, telling you how fucked up you can reasonably expect to be. Just to give you some perspective, a bottle of Budweiser is 5% alcohol. We’ve already multiplied that by 3 and we’re already on the first Beer. I’d say Warlock has earned its Triple X’s. The problem with stouts is you really can’t put down more than 2. If you’re gonna try for 3, you might as well eat a Porterhouse with a side of Cheesecake. It will taste better. But if you’re looking for one-and-done, or a quick alcohol-filled start to your night, Warlock is a great sipping beer with rich Stout flavor. Plus, you can’t go wrong with 3 Buds in one bottle.


Sonoran 100 – 19.5%


I warn you now that these jumps from Beer to Beer are not going to seem huge. But trust me, a couple percent in the world of Beer makes a big difference. Sonoran 100 is next on our list and weighs in at 19.5%. In July 2006, the Sonoran Brewing Company was about to brew their 100th batch of Beer on their 10th anniversary. They decided to go big. Sonoran 100 spends 9 months fermenting before they even pull it out of the tanks. Then, the Beer is aged for several months and put through a whole filtration process that produces a product that is more like a Bourbon than a Beer. One website even suggested it as a shot on the rocks, but fuck that, you could kill a bottle easily: 2 – yeah okay, but 3 – hold on to your shit.


Short’s Anniversary – 20%

shorts anniversary

We’ve officially crossed the 20% threshold. Again, not much of a difference but you can’t deny that 20% sounds tougher than %19.5. Short’s Anniversary Ale is referred to on its bottle as a “Blood Orange Wheat Wine.” Not sure what that means exactly, but when you cross into this spectrum of alcohol percentage, it’s hard to refer to something as a Beer. Just to bring you down to Earth we’ve reached the point in which you will be drinking the equivalent of 4 Budweisers in one package.


Anniversary Ale is brewed with blood oranges and green peppercorns. As someone who calls themselves a real beer drinker, that sounds fucking awesome. The spice and sweetness cut the high alcohol content, providing you with a tasteful, drinkable beer that will save you time in the ‘getting wasted’ department. Haven’t tried this one yet but it’s next on my list.


Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA – 21%

dogfish head 120

Behold, the inspiration for this entire article. The Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA, coming in at 2nd place with 21% alcohol. The thing about Dogfish Head though is that if they’re not 1st place for Alcohol content, they will be 1st place for creativity. During the brewing process, 120 Minute is boiled for a full two hours while ingredients are continuously added. It’s then put in the fermenter for a month while hops are still being added, and aged another month after that using another breed of hop.


The amazing thing for me about Dogfish Head is that while it’s an IPA (typically dry and bitter) it still manages to be flavorful, drinkable and even a little on the sweet side. From personal experience, you can drink these things out of a funnel (not a good idea), and while it’s on the expensive side, there’s definitely bang for your buck. Head to your nearest Hipster bar and drop the $13. It will be worth it.


Samuel Adams Utopias – 25%

sam adams utopias

You guys know this one already. I wrote about it in my Most Expensive Beers in The World article where it came in at #4 ($150 a bottle). It might not have made the top of that list, but in the world of extremely high alcohol content, Sam Adams Utopias is unmatched. When I tried it, I had to pay $10 for once ounce so I’m not sure of the consequences of drinking a Beer that is one quarter alcohol. As Lebron James can tell you, one quarter can do a lot of damage.


Utopias is not carbonated and is meant to be served at room temperature. You can’t tell much from one ounce, but those that have had more than one glass say it’s like no other beverage in the world, from its alcohol content and complexity to its copper casing (pictured above). There is an availability issue with this one, as to be expected with a $100 bottle of Beer, but if you happen to find it you should strike while the iron is hot. A 25% alcohol Beer might as well be called rufies in a bottle. I mean that in the best way possible.

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