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College is a time filled with decisions. What to major in, whether or not to join a frat or sorority and, most importantly, how to arrange the beds in your dorm room. Once you unpack all your stuff it’s really annoying to move them again. Here are the pros and cons for the seven most common dorm-bed configurations.


Pros: Clearly divides the room, providing you and your roommate with your own personal space.

Cons: At some point you will see your roommate have sex while he thinks you’re sleeping.

The Sleepover

Pros: Opens up the center of the room for fun activities like beer pong, or lame ones like Dance Dance Revolution.

Cons: It’s creepy. Everyone will think you’re weird.

Bunk Beds

Pros: Most space-efficient arrangement. Bunk beds are fun!

Cons: For the top-bunk roommate, having to drunkenly climb into bed all the time, drunkenly falling off the bed all the time. For the bottom bunk roommate, being woken up every time your roommate gets in or out of bed. Both roommates, never really knowing what your roommate and the girl he brought back are doing in the other bed.

The Great Wall

Pros: Privacy!

Cons: You can still hear your roommate masturbate, and now he has no problem doing it while you’re in the room.

The Couple

Pros: It’s like one big bed! Easy access to cuddling.

Cons: You have to re-arrange your furniture if you and your roommate break up.

Fort Awesome

Pros: Awesome. Fun. Protection from natives. Girls will want to play in the fort.

Cons: You have not thought this through. You have to live in this room for the next eight months. You do realize that, right?

The Single

Pros: No roommate! You can do whatever you want.

Cons: You’re an RA and everyone hates you.

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