The Android Powered Car Stereo: Turn Your Whip Into A Smartphone

parrot asteroid

Remember when having receivers, amps, sub-woofers and cool looking (yet mostly useless) speakers in your car was all the rage? Welcome to the future, Socialites. The Parrot Asteroid, for all intents and purposes, is basically a Droid (or iPhone if it used iOS) lodged in the dashboard of your car. You know how touch screen and smart technology changed the way you use a phone? Get ready to have it change the way you use a car.

So first discussion topic has to be music. The Asteroid is a fully-functional receiver, meaning it provides high quality sound to your speakers with 4x55W amplification, six RCA pre-outs, 2 for sub-woofers, blah blah blah, blah blah. Basically, the thing will allow you to bump beats better than you do now. Nuff said.

ipod car

The real amazingness comes from the variety of music that will now be available to you, wirelessly. Android means apps, so picture being able to access your Spotify, your Pandora, your Turntable.FM, your Slacker Radio, all from the dash of your car. Not only that, it will connect to your iPod, iPhone, Droid, Tablet, iPad through Blue Tooth and/or USB. Throw that prehistoric tape-deck headphone port thing away. You now have full access to your entire library. All your libraries.

knight rider

I don’t think I need to mention that it has full GPS capabilities as well. And then some. Until Apple just introduced Siri, Droid’s Ace in the hole was their amazing voice-command technology, and now it can be incorporated into your car. Command it to take you to a restaurant, take you to the place with the cheapest Bud Light, take you to the closet Whore House (probably not but it’s worth a try). You could even have it call your Slam Pig while your driving to her house or send her a text saying “What up :-)” Ever see Knight Rider? No? It was a shitty show in the 80’s starring David Hasselhoff and a voice-commanded car. I don’t think the Asteroid will shoot missels for you, but with a little tweaking, you might be able to work something out.

cop radar

But, Socialites, I haven’t even gotten to the coolest feature. You know those pesky cameras? The ones that take your picture jumping a red light? What about the “Your Speed” contraption that blasts your 96 in a 35 out to every cop within a mile? Consider those weapons of the law thwarted. There is a built in app that will alert you any time you are coming upon something that might fuck up your weekend. You will have long enough to slow down, hide your Bud in the glove box, or tell the girl blowing you to take an air break. That’s all for now, but do you think a radar detector app is beyond the means of some nerdy developer who’s still pissed about the ticket he got on the way to Exxon for Doritos. Sorry Cops. Welcome to the future.



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