college greek pledging

With the fall semester winding down, two things are clear: 1. Studying for finals is going to suck and 2. Frats will be throwing down to celebrate the end of the semester with more parties than you can possibly imagine.

Here are my five tips for fratting hard without actually being in Greek life.

Be Greek: Befriend a brother

college greek pledging

Frat guys aren’t hard to find in a party full of people. They’re usually the ones handing out the beer, making you pay at the door, or coming in and out of bedrooms.  Even easier to spot, are the GREEK LETTERS. Extra piece of advice, know what house you’re at before making any attempt to talk to a bro. Last thing you want is “hey I love you house, phi sigma delta is the shit”. Only to have the brother say, “yeah that’s not this house, gtfo”.  Know the house; know the letters find a brother. Any kind of conversation really, the drunker they are, the funnier you are. Keep em laughing and it’s only a matter of time before you’re getting drinks from the bro’s without having to wait in those long ass lines.

Be Greek: Get an after party invite

college greek pledging

This goes back to befriending a brother. When it comes time to kick all the randoms, and freshies out, you want to make sure you’re not one of them. The after party is usually ten times better than the regular one. Reason being, more booze, less people. Chat up a brother, find out the time they’re kicking the lanyards out and see if you have a shot at staying. If you’re not too drunk, too desperate, or with too many people, your odds are a lot better. If you’re with someone that got invited, cling to them like saran wrap and you’ll soon be loving life with the best of them when the afterhours come around.

Be Greek: Bring your own drinks

beer in college

Frats are cheap. If you’re going to an open party, don’t expect to be drinker the expensive alcohol. Keystone will probably be on the menu and maybe some Rubinoff jungle juice. Doesn’t sound too fun right? Even worse, you have to wait in lines to get these gross drinks. The better solution to maximize your frat partying is to bring your own beverages. It’s not hard to do and as long as you’re not too obvious with it, you’ll have no problems with cops. Guys whip out those backpacks for some good use aka as much beers as you can possibly fit. Ladies, bring the purse full of water bottle mixed drinks and you’re good to go. It’s less hassle and ultimately you could get more out of it than waiting a half n hour for a warm beer.

Be Greek: Master the frat hop.

Frat Party

Weekends are prime time for frat parties. If you’re ever in doubt that a party is happening, don’t be because a frat is definitely doing something. The trick is to find out which ones ahead of time. At my school for example, there are frats spread out all around campus making it super annoying to go from party a to party b, especially in heels. If you know who is doing what, then it’s easier to plan how your nights going to go. I would suggest trying to stay in a general area to get the best out of frat hopping. Pick a few houses within relative distance to each other and make a game plan. Whoever has the best alcohol, go there first because it will run out and quickly. The last place you go should be the one where you have the best chance at getting an after party invite.

Be Greek: Have girls with you

Frat Party Girls

Frat houses = houses full of dudes. This tip is obviously more for the guys. If you want guaranteed access to a party, bring girls and lots of em. The more girls, the less the party is a sausage fest. Added bonus, showing up with lots of ladies instantly makes you look ten times better then the group of dudes with no biddies. The cuter the girls/ the more dtf they appear, the more likely you will appear to be the coolest non Greek at the party, increasing your chance for after party success. Girls’ just being you is enough to get in a party nine times out of ten.  Most of the parties will advertise ladies get in for free so if you don’t want to pay, look for those in particular. In the off chance that you go somewhere and they do charge, bring your a game flirting and you’ll probably get out of it. Drunken frat guys will let any girl that seems interested in them in, so appear interested and you’re good to go!

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