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By: Matthew Lee

Do you feel like a loser? Are random girls constantly rejecting you? Well, shut the fuck up. You shouldn’t need your mother to tell you that girls don’t know what they’re missing. In fact I can almost guarantee you that most guys have been victimized by the art of rejection one time or another.  Whether it was at the hands of a failed pick up line or because of the classic “cock block,” it’s something that is almost impossible to avoid.  She either didn’t want another drink, or is meeting someone there…right? Wrong! You were just a pussy and didn’t have the balls to reel her in.  If you’re the shy type with absolutely no game, you probably are already waving that white flag and saying she wasn’t your type. Well keep telling yourself that, because if you stop trying, you might as well get used to a life filled with no more than beat off mags and the lost memories of the past.  Just get off your fucking high horse already. You should have realized by now that girls are just as, if not, more nervous than you.  The faster you realize that, the easier it will get.

Classic Bar Rejection – You can feel your heart beating through the palms of your hands.  As you look up her eyes meet with yours, and your stomach churns. You don’t know if you should look away, and if you look away you don’t know if you should look back. It’s situations like these where most guys trip up or fail.

After 15 minutes of playing hard to get your group of friends moves closer to hers. You make constant eye contact with her waiting for her to make the next move…but she doesn’t. Her friends are probably telling her you’re a creep, and that all you want is sex. Which is most likely true, but that doesn’t mean you’re a shitty guy. Right?

The liquid courage starts to set in and you begin to tell yourself that you have the balls to walk over to her and ask if she would like a drink. Although you see that her drink is rather full, and since that is probably the greatest icebreaker you can think of, you tell yourself to hold off. You come up with any excuse to prevent yourself from walking over there.

You constantly are asking your friends if they think it is a good idea to go over, and they proceed to call you a pussy and to “shut up and just go over there already.”  You keep looking at her, and finally she looks back and gives you a grin.  You start walking over to her. Everything around you is a blur. You can’t hear anything except the sound of your own heart beating.  You’re running through the things to say in your head, but nothing comes to mind.

You finally are standing right in front of her, and you feel as though she can see right through your fake “confident” persona. To prevent looking like any more of a moron you just say the first thing that comes to mind.  “So…wanna dance?”  She looks over at her friends and they give a head nod of approval, so she gets out of her seat and joins you on the dance floor – so of course you think you’re in.

Things are starting to get heavy… or at least you think they are. Instead of being yourself and trying to get this girl with conversation and a few drinks, you thought it would be a good idea to get wasted and mash your denim dick all over her.  Her friends see what has been going on, and remove her from your company. Don’t be offended, they just assumed by the way you were acting that you were going to rape her.

So you’re alone, you have failed… which isn’t a total shocker based on the way you presented yourself. If you were looking for a trick to picking up woman, you’re not gonna find it, mainly because there isn’t one. The only thing I can suggest to you is when in doubt, be yourself.  If that doesn’t work, be an asshole.  And if that doesn’t work, you’re fucked.

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