Brad Womack is finally ready for love, or at least that’s what both ABC and Womack were trying to prove the entire season premiere of The Bachelor, last night.  This is Womack’s second time on The Bachelor, since Womack was the first bachelor in The Bachelor TV history, to ever reject all 20 women. So what makes Mr. Womack so ready this time? Lots and lots of therapy…

This season is just like any other season of The Bachelor; Women competing/fighting for one man’s attention, and a hot bachelor looking for love. However, what makes this season more unique, is not only the 30 rather than 20 women on the show, but also a changed and successfully soul searched Womack, who apparently did a lot of intensive therapy. After three years, Womack and the producers, try to make it seem like Womack is a changed man, who is really ready to find “the one” this time.  I personally think that by getting Womack’s therapist on the show to say how much he has changed, really convinced me of this, as well as convincing me that this show is extremely corny.

Like all other Bachelors, Womack came with a montage of shirtless scenes of him getting ready for the show, captivating any viewer. Although Womack is hot, so were most of the women on the show. Two in particular stood out. Emily, the sweet southern bell who lost her husband in a plane crash back in 2004 and Madison, who is a model from Brooklyn, with fang’s carved into her teeth. It’s safe to say this cast has a mix of both normal and strange women. Then again, anyone looking for love on a reality TV show has got to be somewhat abnormal.

Another interesting twist of the premier was a reunion between Womack, and the women who he left during the final episode of season 11. Jennie and Deana are both married now. Womack deeply apologizes to them, but they both seem skeptical that he is actually ready to make the commitment this time.

Well, they weren’t the only ones, as the women rolled up in their limos, immediately most recognized Womack from watching season 11, and began questioning him right from the beginning. One woman even goes as far as to slap him in the face. Like they typically are in past seasons, some women were overly flirtatious, some were somewhat normal, and some were down right weird. One even made him get on his knee and fake propose to her and another, a Radio City Rockette, did high kicks out of the limo. Needless to say, most were pretty tacky.

After a speech Womack gave to the women about how he was a changed man and how they could leave now if they didn’t believe him, the catfight for attention began. Womack was basically answering questions the entire time, proving to the ladies that he really had changed. It seemed like Womack was becoming somewhat mentally exhausted from it all but understood their concerns. Women were pulling him in every direction, and one girl even waxed his arm, an unusual but apparently effective way to keep his attention since she was handed a rose later that night.

At the very end, the first impression rose was given to Ashley S, a sweet, bubbly girl from the south, who he seemed to instantly connect with. The bachelor later gave out the other 19 roses.

For the 20 women who remain, not only will they have to convince this bachelor to choose them, Womack will have to work hard at convincing them that he’s ready. Keep watching if you want to see the ultimate TV catfight.

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