By: Paige Vigil (University of Minnesota)

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I admit it. I am a sucker for reality television. While this isn’t my only vice, it is one of the harder ones for me to admit to. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are always on the top of my “to-do list” on Monday nights. This Monday night, the bachelorette, Ali, took my least favorite bachelor, Kasey on his first one-on-one date. In previous episodes, Kasey has seemed a little over-zealous but overall like a sweet guy. However, in this past Monday nights episode, he seemed like a psychopathic fairy on the verge of suicide.

One of Kasey’s fellow bachelors, Chris L., described him as being wrapped up in a fairytale. “I think Kasey closes his eyes and thinks of Ali and thinks of doves flying out behind her, cupid hitting her with an arrow. You know, like hearts floating around her head. Them in a meadow magically running toward each other with unicorns…I don’t see her as that kind of romanticized love. Not like unicorn love,” Chris L. said.

This, Kasey only proved to be true when he pulled out these lines…

Kasey: “So many emotions are coming through my mind and my body right now; I want to feel a lot of them.”

Kasey: “Ali was cocooned, and she was trapped in this foundation of trying to look for love, and she didn’t get it from Jake or anyone else and now she’s kind of expanded out into this beautiful butterfly and she’s ready and she’s open for love.”

Kasey: (To Ali…) “I choose you. I’m here to guard and protect your heart.”

Ali: “I feel like you’re reading a story.”

Kasey: “It’s just my heart. Jump in. Stay awhile.”

He also tried to sing to Ali in order to swoon her. I almost felt bad for him after he sang to her the first time, while she looked at him in a state of utter confusion, yet he certainly deserved the look after singing the second time.

After not receiving a rose on the one-on-one date, Kasey took matters into his own hands to prove his “sincerity” to Ali. To remind her exactly how committed he was (not like she needed any reminding) he got a tattoo on his wrist of a heart, rose and shield. Though he didn’t get the chance to show Ali his tattoo, he will probably send her running into the arms of the other men when he reveals it. Good thing he got a shield to protect that heart he’s wearing on his sleeve…he’s going to need it.

Kasey’s several attempts to appear genuine have just made him appear genuinely mentally ill.

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