The Best Apps You Need for Your Mac in 2021

All things said and done, one cannot refute that Mac has a certain lure. The products are set at towering prices. However, they still grab the attention of tens of thousands of people. This is not just because it arguably has the best operating system on the market, but more because there is an inherent status symbol associated with it. Most Mac users vouch for their devices and find them more convenient to use than any other software. Having said that, it must also be acknowledged that Mac has a huge store of apps that are designed to help an individual carry out their day’s jobs easily. This is also one of the most important reasons why Mac users never want to use anything else. That being said, while it is essential to learn about the different apps that can help you make the most of your MacBook and iPhone, it is also crucial to learn about the new apps that are slowly making their way into the market.

That said, in the article we have today, we shall enlist a few apps that are all set to take 2021 by a storm and enhance the user experience on Mac devices. From being able to combine pdf files on mac to using an application launcher designed to perform many complex functions, these are the apps you need to up your game on Mac in 2021. Therefore, without any further ado, let us now read through this list and enlighten ourselves.


Alfred is an application launcher that does more than just launch applications. You can perform calculations, find definitions of words and go about web searches with this brilliant app. Alfred steps right where Siri and Spotlight fail to fill in. The app allows you to perform several advanced functions, switch between tasks and also automate the same. Version 4 of this app comes with some more unique functions. It is expected to improve the dynamics of the workflow creator and also seeks to introduce rich text snippets.


The second app that we have up for discussion is Amphetamine. This app prevents your computer to go into sleep mode, and automatically starts the screensaver. It also performs the auto-dim function, thus, saving the energy of the computer. This app makes for a fine choice if you want to stream videos, watch movies or perform any task that does not require you to touch the mouse or the keyboard for a long time.


Unclutter is a pretty basic app that aims at decluttering your Mac device, as can be understood from its name. However, the app does more than just decluttering your device. You can access the app with a swipe and use it to quickly store all your recent notes and files, and other pieces of information on the clipboard. The recent updates on the app allow the users to choose between the dark and light themes. It also includes several other options that allow you to organize your work effectively and declutter your system too.

Day One:

If you are looking to enhance your productivity at work, here is an app that you need on your Mac device. This app serves as a digital journal for all those who want to make quick notes about their work, add reminders about their meetings and also incorporate photos and tags. Day One is perhaps one of the best apps if staying organized and at the top of your game is your ultimate priority. The app comes with a password. Therefore, you can rest assured that with this app, all your sensitive information about your work shall be safe and away from prying eyes.


Evernote is yet another app that shall help you increase your productivity with its undisputed note-taking feature. The app is incredibly simple to use and syncs with a variety of web-based services. Also, since the app is quite a popular one, it comes with a hoard of browser extensions and add-ons. The app is free for the most part and provides some basic functions for its users. However, if you want to use it across more platforms and have more to do with it, it is advisable to opt for the premium version.

Wrapping Up:

Mac devices shall always be in vogue, and there cannot be any doubts regarding that. However, it is not just enough to own a Mac. One must also know how to make the most out of the devices by learning some simple hacks and downloading a few apps. The apps that we have curated in this article for discussion are some of the best ones you can download in 2021. Therefore, you might as well try them out.

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