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The Best of Comedic Superwoman Sarah Silverman

Sexy, intelligent, and hilarious – a combination deadlier than soda and Pop Rocks.  Sarah Silverman embodies all three of these attributes and is never afraid to speak her mind when it comes to controversial topics such as race, sex, and religion.  The proud to be Jewish comedian is the queen of shock value and has risen to the peak of the humor mountain with acts loaded with irony, stereotype mocking, and outlandish caricatures.  Sarah is a favorite of the Campus Socialite’s and to pay homage to her, we are happy to share with you our five favorite Silverman clips.

Sarah wows the audience at Comic Relief 2006.


See how Silverman lets on again, off again boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel know of her feelings for another celebrity.

Sarah discusses her favorite niece’s sexual preference and school activities in her “Jesus is Magic” performance.

Check out her pro-Obama ad prior to the 2008 presidential election.

Some more side-splitting, edgy material from “Jesus is Magic.”

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