By: Molly C. (Penn State University)

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Some of us might have family holiday photos we’d rather forget (what’s up 7-year-old self wearing a one-piece paisley jumpsuit), or past scuffles with those nearest and dearest to us that don’t conjure up the best memories; but lucky for us those memories weren’t recorded for 5 million viewers to see.

Unfortunately for the people who sign up for “Wife Swap”, their twisted fights, bizarre personality traits, and uptight morals are broadcast on national television. While “Wife Swap” may not be the college kid’s go-to-show quite like Sunday night HBO, it is definitely worth watching when you get back from class at 5 o’clock and want to unwind.

The beauty of this reality show, which began in England and crossed over to the United States, is that it makes your family look normal. The rules at your parent’s home don’t even seem that bad after watching it.  No staying out late, drinking, even thinking about sex, or smoking are rules that seem absurd after the freedom of college; but they seem easy as pie compared to the strict, no-nonsense parents on Wife Swap. One family’s kids are raised to eat raw meat, share bathwater with their entire family, and brush their teeth with butter and clay…not exactly a kid’s dream living situation.

Every once in a while, you will get a gem of a character that will not only make you belly laugh, but will also give you fun new catchphrases to yell at your friends when you’re walking to the bar. I’ve done the hard work for you, and compiled the three most memorable (or most out of tune with reality you could say) performances on the show.

Best Performance by a Child—“King Curtis”


Most Entertaining/Horrifying (that people actually raise their kids this way) Husband—“Raw Meat Guy”


Worst Readjustment Back Home—“The God Warrior”


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