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By Danny Yellin

The boys from Entourage are back in The City of Angels for the start of an all-new season. The sixth installment’s premiere episode “Drive” aired this past Sunday on HBO.

In the sixth season premiere, Vince is back on top in Hollywood and once again in the spotlight with his starring role in Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.” This leads to Vince finally trying to obtain his driver’s license for an upcoming film in which he stars as Enzo Ferrari and an appearance to promote the new movie on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Meanwhile, Eric is looking into moving into his own place at the recommendation of his ex, Sloane. The return of Sloane played by the stunning Emmanuelle Chriqui is a pleasant surprise that is sure to make all male fans happy. Finally, Lloyd and Ari engage in a battle about Lloyd’s future.

Eric is starting to look at spreading his wings outside of Vince’s influence by moving into his own home, however E is worried about how it will affect his relationship his friends – Vince in particular. Eric tries to conceal the fact that he’s on the hunt for a new place, which causes minor tension among the gang. A romance seems to be rekindling between Eric and Sloan as numerous meetings between the former couple leads to Sloan asking Eric to come inside her house for just “one drink.”  I will speak for all Campus Socialites when I say, the more Sloan the merrier.

Ari is back in full force and faces a new challenge with Lloyd looking to expand his role in the Miller-Gold Talent Agency. Lloyd’s sights are set on becoming a full-time agent. Ari continues to ignore Lloyd’s plea for a promotion, however Lloyd threatens to quit if Ari doesn’t promote him.  In typical Ari Gold form, the super agent counters with a proposition of his own which includes Lloyd losing fifteen pounds. The banter between Ari and Lloyd is comedic gold and is what sets Entourage apart from other comedies.

Turtle and Drama are up to their old antics and continue to provide hilarious commentary throughout the first episode of the season. Turtle’s improbable romance with Jamie-Lynn Sigler seems to be flourishing and, as always, Drama lingers on in his own self-loathing.

Season six of Entourage looks promising and makes this Sunday night show a must-see for all Campus Socialites.


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