First you had the Campus Socialite, a fun and witty, yet, informational blog that we all know is a must-have bookmark at the top of any computer screen. Now Precious Time NY presents The Campus Diva. It still promises you all the hottest, groundbreaking, college campus trends and tips you have come to expect from the Socialite, but now, the ladies are giving their input, and it’s bound to get a little crazy.

What exactly is a Campus Diva you may ask? Well, she’s the girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind.  She’s sexy, independent, smart, outgoing, fun and above all else, she knows it.  We want to help you enhance your image. We are going to tell you the hottest places to be on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, where the cutest boys are hiding, fun fashion tips, cool high-tech gadgets we feel no Diva should be without, and much, much, more. And, if you feel that you’ve found the next “it” club, or the hottest new purse of the season, or even have a fun boy-story you want to share with the world, send us an e-mail, show us what ya got.

And remember, “Diva is a derivative of divine. That’s quite a title to carry around.”

<3 Jessica

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