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By: Bryan Dumas

After an overwhelmingly positive response to last week’s column, The Campus Don couldn’t keep his loyal female followers in the dark any longer and has had his hands full trying to answer all of your questions the past few days.  The Don is thrilled to see so many ladies come forward with their inquiries and seek out his knowledge… so he won’t make you wait any longer.  Take a look at the depths of The Campus Don’s expertise after the jump.

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Do guys actually like going down on a girl or is there an ulterior motive?

Depends on whom you ask. Some guys have ulterior motives. I’m not one of those guys. I’m not afraid to say it, but I love going down on my lady. If a girl ever has the good fortune to find herself in the sack with me, she can count on 10-30 minutes of bliss before sex, depending on my mood and what condition her vag is in (more on that later).

Unfortunately most men devalue the importance of cunnilingus, but guys have to remember that females need a little more stimuli than we do to become aroused. On cold winter days, you don’t just crank the car up and drive off do you? No, you turn the car on, warm it up for a bit, and then peel off. Guys have to view bedtime with their ladies in the same fashion. You have to turn her on, you have to warm her up, and then you hop in and ride off…trust me, the trip is much more enjoyable this way.

Ladies..let’s be considerate though. This isn’t 1972 or 2004. Bush is out of style in every way possible…period. Shave it. At least keep it manicured. I hate picnics when the lawn isn’t mowed…I’m just saying.

If a girl talks about the future, do guys get freaked out?

Depends on how long we’ve been involved. If we’re under 5 dates, then the only future I want to hear about is what we’re doing after the date or on future dates, but much more than that is too much too soon.

If we’ve been dating for a few months, then I think guys owe it to the girl to have that conversation. No one wants to be led on, especially if one person’s expectations are different than the others. I think if things are going strong, after a few months the “future” talk is appropriate. Ladies, just be cool about it when you bring it up. “I want to be with you for the rest of my life” is not being cool about it.  Use some reason and that feminine intuition.

How can you tell if a guy is serious about you or just wants a one-night stand in the beginning?

Easy. Gauge the conversation and the body language when you first meet. If all he’s trying to do is make out with you or is overly touchy-feely, then he can’t be listening to what you’re saying and is most likely just trying to get into those pants. If he seems genuinely interested, attentive, polite and doesn’t give off scumbag vibes then you’ll know he is looking to develop something.

Ladies, you’re fooling yourselves if you think that only guys go for one-night stands. Chicks definitely go out sometimes with the intent of boning a hot guy and nothing more. Guys just go out with these intentions more often.

Girls, keep the questions coming in the comment box below and you can be sure that The Campus Don will treat all of them with the thorough attention that they deserve.  See you back here next week.

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