The Campus Socialite’s Top Hip-Hop Blog Picks

lil wayne

In Today’s society, if you don’t happen to be living under a rock, you most likely are a fan of the rap genre or are familiar with some sort of hip-hop artist and their music. It’s only the 21st century. Sheesh, get with the program already. Furthermore, if you are a hip-hop head like me, then you are probably surfing the web right now, as you read this article, for your daily fix. Therefore, here is a list of the top hip-hop blogs that we, here at The Campus Socialite, just can’t live without.

rap radar

Rap Radar

This blog’s name pretty much speaks for itself. However, Rap Radar seems to be all about delivering the rap experience in a timely manner to its readers; posting anything from Justin Bieber rap remixes to backstage and afterparty footage of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. This site is very versatile and will keep you entertained for hours. My favorite part about the blog is a frequently updated section called “You Played Yourself.” This is when one of the writers pokes fun at something rap related, usually an artist for doing something idiotic. This site seems to focus on more mainstream talents rather than new artists or even artists on the come up. But, if you are looking for an all-around hip hop blog with current popular music to download and videos to watch, then you should definitely check Rap Radar out. You will not be disappointed.


SOHH, which stands for Support Online Hip-Hop has been around for a while. The website is full of rap related material ranging from daily news on artists, columns about random but interesting topics, to even a forum section where you can become a member of the blog and talk about all things hip-hop. This site is pretty dope and should be on your top sites to browse.


Just by the name alone, if you’re a hip-hop head, you should want to check this blog out. The site is regulated by two characters named Shake and Meka. Usually, when these guys are posting a new song by an artist or a video, they will give you their two cents about the content posted with lots of sarcasm. They keep things engaging as well as informative. The blog itself has a very simple layout, but what it lacks in aesthetic value makes up with producing tons of music by new artists. If you are the type that is constantly on the prowl for new artists that haven’t made it big yet, then 2dopeboyz is the place to go. This is a huge plus and what makes this blog unique. Also, if you are an inspiring rap artist, you have a better chance of getting your music displayed on this blog rather then most hip-hop blogs that only concentrate on popular artists. In addition, this blog is also iPhone friendly. I can stream new music off this blog with no problem, which is definitely an added bonus.



This blog is probably my favorite, and usually my first choice when checking for hip-hop exclusives. Low-Key, the author of the blog, is witty, sarcastic, and somehow gets selective footage of artists that I don’t see on any other hip-hop sites. The blog recently has been updated and now looks cleaner and more organized with new sections dedicated to photos, behind the scenes of artists’ videos and interviews, and just random stuff. If you’re looking for a good-humored site sprinkled with premiere hip hop news, then Low-Key got you covered.


The Census

This fairly new blog is headed by Tjakes and is assisted by Drewpballs. Unlike the other four blogs mentioned, The Census only post very particular content. They believe that they are providing/posting quality music that is bullstuff-free with no filler. They get right to the point and I find that to be very refreshing. The blog is easy to navigate and their taste in hip-hop ranges from underground to mainstream artists. This site has mastered the balance of the two early on. Check them out.

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