The Campus Socialite and Dreamstime Are Giving Away An iPad 2!

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You heard me correctly. We’re teaming up with Dreamstime, a leading player in the stock photography industry, to give one incredibly lucky student an iPad this Wednesday, September 14th. Find out more after the jump!


At 1 PM EST on Wednesday we’ll be hosting a caption contest with a picture provided from Dreamstime’s immense archive of stock photos. The contest will take place on The Campus Socialite’s Facebook fanpage. Why am I telling you this now? Well, an iPad 2 is a big, big prize, and we thought you should as much information as possible so you can be ready to participate and WIN.

As always, the caption with the MOST LIKES will win…but that’s not all – If you’re interested in pumping up your chances, Dreamstime is giving you another opportunity to win by registering on the site and referring your friends at


Through October 6th, Dreamstime is also offering 25% off all images for students. If you’re in a frat, you can find images to throw on flyers for your next rager. If you’re a blogger then get something to spice up your creative nonsense. Or if you just wanna convince your parents that you made nice, respectable-looking friends up at school, grab a photo of some college students and Photoshop yourself right on in there.


So get your best one-liners ready for Wednesday afternoon, and get your friends to sign up for Dreamstime to increase your chance of winning!

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