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alyssa quezada

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to sit back, relax and get to know The Campus Socialite Awards and Tempe 12’s Miss Campus Diva, Alyssa Quezada. She and I sat down over a cup of coffee at the University of Delaware where Alyssa is studying to be a physician’s assistant. She loves pizza, grape soda, daquaris and all types of music. After the jump, find out more about this lovely lady.

Jess from CS: What are your career aspirations?

Alyssa: I want to go to physician’s assistant school and then become a physician’s assistant for now – hopefully I don’t change my mind.

Jess from CS: What does it mean to you to be The Campus Diva?

Alyssa: I think a major part of being The Campus Diva is being “well known” around your college, and that’s surprising that I was nominated. The experience in general was completely flattering. Again, being nominated, I didn’t even know people knew me – who am I? It’s just so flattering to see how many people wanted to support me, and more than anything it made me feel special that people wanted to help.

Jess from CS: What advice do you have for girls who want to be a Campus Diva?

Alyssa: Always be yourself. Be genuine. Always reach out to people – I’m sorry I’m getting a little mushy – but touch people with your personality. I would never try to be something I wasn’t, and I have learned that if you let your inner self show, people will recognize that and appreciate you for who you are.

Jess from CS: What is one thing every Diva must have/do?

Alyssa: Okay what exactly is a Diva? Every girl should have personality, originality and be comfortable in their own skin. Pretty much if you roll all of that up and you want to step above and beyond the average college girl, you’ve got to have confidence and love yourself.

alyssa quezada
Jess from CS: You’re a three-time National Champion Dancer. What’s the story?

Alyssa: Well I’m on the University of Delaware Dance Team, or now I’m a DT alumnus, but anyway we compete nationally and we won the hip hop competition three years in a row, something that’s never been done before in our division (Division I). The team is my life now, and it’s actually cool being on campus when people recognize me from standing on the basketball court or football field and being acknowledged for that.

Jess from CS: What do you look for in a guy?

Alyssa: I always say if I could go on a date with someone it would be my boyfriend or my dad. When guys are gentlemen, that’s so attractive. My boyfriend shows me being treated like the only girl in the world every day  doesn’t have to be an exception. Also, if you have a sense of humor and make me laugh, you have me in the palm of your hand.

Jess from CS: Who do you look up to (not including friends and family)?

Alyssa: My dance team coach. This past year she’s gone through unimaginable life events but always manages to be tough minded and she devotes so much of herself to whatever she’s passionate about – whether it’s the dance team or something else. She knows she isn’t very appreciated by everyone since she’s such a tough cookie and she doesn’t get much back for all she puts into everything; she’s just so selfless.

Jess from CS: Who are your favorite professional sports teams?

Alyssa: I honestly don’t even watch professional sports. I’d be lying if I said I was a die-hard Eagles fan or something. I guess by default I’d have to be a Yankees fan because my family is obsessed with them. I only watch them play during the World Series so that doesn’t even make me a fan. However, when the Yankees and Phillies played against each other, I became overly competitive with my Phillies-fan boyfriend, and that was fun.

Jess from CS: What’s your most embarrassing story?

Alyssa: I like this story: freshman year, I was on my way back to my room after doing laundry, and I passed this guy who lived in my building on the stairs. I knew who he was and I had a huge crush on him. I nicknamed him “Yes ma’am” because he was always so polite and when I got back to my room I told my roommate how I ran into “Yes Ma’am” in the stairs and was so excited. Then there was a knock on our door and I looked in the peephole and there he was and I freaked out. I opened the door and he was blushing and said, “please don’t think I’m weird and a freak.” I was so confused and when he opened his hand my black lace thong was there. Now I am the queen of awkward moments so I started cracking up and he got so embarrassed he ran down the hallway like a child. It was hilarious. He’s my boyfriend now, by the way, and I mean at least it was good underwear, right?

Jess from CS: If you were put in charge of the University of Delaware campus for one day. what would you do?

Alyssa: I’d make all parking free since that’s a huge issue around here. But that’s not fun. I’d love to turn the North and South Greens into a major pool party with water slides coming from the top of classroom buildings 🙂

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