The Campus Socialite Blitz & Beatz Tour 2010: University of Illinois

By Tyler R. Spaulding

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I got asked a very personal question this past weekend from a recent graduate at the University of Illinois and felt I had to share it with my local audience. I was relaxing at the bar on Sunday afternoon, entertaining everyone as usual with my stories from the past few weekends when I was asked, “Tyler don’t you ever get tired of just traveling around to different colleges, going to frat party after party and sleeping with random college girls?” My response: “Do you ever get tired of your birthday or Christmas?” After hearing this question and looking back on my response, I have to say thank you to my local audience, and of course, The Campus Socialite for finding rhyme to my reason and supporting the TRS lifestyle. This past weekend at the University of Illinois was nothing shy of my usual debacle weekends and proved that every stop thus far on the Blitz and Beatz Tour cannot cage this monster.

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