The Campus Socialite's Exclusive Interview with The Devil from Acapulco

By Tyler R. Spaulding

The best time of the year is upon us… the weather is getting warm, girls around campus are starting to wear those tight pants that make their asses look amazing, and the national holiday for all students to completely rage out is under way. Spring Break 2010 has kicked off and students throughout the country are heading to that warm location where the tequila flows like water, random hookups are more frequent than meals, and for a week there seems to be no morals whatsoever (I mean really, if you can’t get laid on Spring Break you should seriously consider telling everyone  you have dedicated your life to the Lord or some bullshit like that…there’s gotta be some crazy pool orgies going down villa style that any chump can slide their way into). I am talking about Mexico, the Spring Break Capital of the World and to really do it up big there’s no better spot to hit up then Acapulco.  Acapulco is known for their wild day parties and balling ass villas, but even more so for their nightlife. Palladium and Mandara are known as two of the best clubs in the world…. the face behind these clubs is even more notorious. Some refer to him as Mr. Spring Break or The Silver Dancer but to everyone he is known simply as the The Devil. This guy comes out around 4AM just when you thought the night was over and brings the entire club back to life with his mesmerizing performance. I have had the privilege to see him perform live twice when I was in Poco and recently sat down with him for an exclusive interview. Check out his performance, his day to day lifestyle, and sex life after the jump.

To start it off I have to ask the question on everybody’s mind, how the hell did you become The Devil? I mean I can’t imagine it’s a family business… did you one day wake up and decide that you would get up on stage at nightclubs and captivate thousands with your routine?

It started when I was a little kid, I used to dance to break-dance beats and dream of becoming a professional dancer. A few years later I got a job as a go-go dancer in nightclubs around Mexico, getting on stage 3 sets of 20 minutes during the night, after a few years and with my experience and artistic influences I started doing my own show, it didn’t come right away, it took me a few years to put everything together from the music to the accessories like the strobe lights and lasers.

Besides taking over the biggest clubs and venues in the world, what does an average day for you consist of?

First of all it consists of giving thanks to God for each day of my life every morning, then I enjoy going to the beach, swimming in the ocean, cooking, going to the gym to keep my body in shape for my job, hanging out with my friends and watching movies. As you can see I have a very relaxing life and I love it.

You’ve seen a lot of different kids on Spring Break and appeared at tons of campuses nationwide. What’s the best party school?

I really like all of them, I can’t say what’s the best party school, everywhere I go they go crazy when I perform. The only thing I don’t like is that the venues close so early, by the time I finish taking off the bodypaint after the show everybody is gone, most of the times I go to the promoters after parties where I enjoy and experience a wild party time.

I’ve been down to Acapulco a few times and have danced with the Devil, are you recognized around town when the paint comes off?

No, they have no idea that I am the performer and it is so funny cause sometimes people talk about the show without knowing that I am right next to them.

What was your wildest onstage experience?

LOL licking boobs, I can’t go much further than that.

How do you pump yourself up and get into the mindset to become The Devil on stage?

I like to get pumped up by the DJ before the show, feeling the crowd dancing and going crazy.

There’s a standard way to ask this question, but I’ll clean it up for our female audience.  How has your life as The Devil affected your sex life? You have to be pulling it left and right these days.

That is one of the best things about being The Devil, MY SEX LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!

Besides D-Devils classic hits “Sex, Drugs, and House”, “Judgement Day” and “6th Gate” what do you listen to?

I am a big fan of house music and I enjoy being a DJ, mixing it at pool and beach parties down in Acapulco.

Your the face of Spring Break, do you have any party tips for our audience?

I recommend that everyone  goes as crazy and wild as they can, but overall never forget the sense of responsibility to avoid problems that can end the fun of their Spring Break experience.

How do you feel about devil impersonators on college campuses? Pissed off or flattered?

I feel flattered, it keeps me motivated to be better in my show.

Let’s be honest here – dancing every night at 4am has to take a toll on your body, do you think there will come a time where you hang up the silver paint and head dress and pass the torch on (literally) to someone else? If so, where can I sign up?

The people are the ones who will decide when The Devil stops, I will keep dancing until the crowd stops jumping around me… I can let you to perform anytime bro, but I will keep the girls!!!!

If you’re headed anywhere other than Acapulco for Spring Break, you’re doing it wrong. Make sure to catch The Devil at Palladium in one of the best party cities in the world. For more pictures and videos check out the Facebook Fan Page The Devil From Palladium Acapulco

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