The Campus Socialite Interviews Xtreme Trips’ Jared Sarney


The Campus Socialite sat down with Jared Sarney, National Sales Manager for Spring Break Professionals “Xtreme Trips.” He gave us all the inside info about this year’s awesome trips and what you can expect come Spring Break. Find out everything you need to know after the jump.

The Campus Socialite: Yo, I know you run the Spring Break Scene for college students nationwide, can you tell us a little bit about your history with Spring Breaks and specifically Xtreme Trips?

Jared Sarney: Well, I have been planing spring break trips since I was a freshman at Towson University. I started out working for 2 other companies that did not “get” spring break and customer service. My travelers and I did not get what we were promised. I knew if I wanted to continue doing this I would have to make a change.  I was then introduced to the Owner of Xtreme Trips and and since 2007 I’ve been working with Xtreme and havent looked back. I started as a Campus Manager in 2007 and 2008. The got hired full time in 2009 as Regional Sales Manager. Then in 2010 I got promoted to National Sales Manager and am currently still working as National Sales Manager.

TCS: What made you decide to make the power move to take over Puerto Vallarta this year?

JS: Xtreme Trips has been using Puerto Vallarta since 2004 as one of our destinations. When I went down to Puerto Vallarta last week realized this was the best option for our travelers as the main hotspot for Spring Break 2012. The hotels, the Villas, the nightlife were all perfect.

TCS: Tell me about the hotel that you chose and some of the deals you are offering?

JS: We are offering 3 hotel options for Puerto Vallarta. Our Headquarter hotel is going to be the Vamar Vallarta All-Inclusive Beachfront Resort. The main reason for choosing this hotel was that, unlike other companies that are sending people to Puerto Vallarta who are only allowed a limited number of rooms, we were able to rent out the ENTIRE hotel. All 253 rooms. The hotel is giving Xtreme full reign to throw pool parties everyday, for as long as we want, which is a huge request from our past, current, and future travelers.

This resort is also in the safest area of Puerto Vallarta, right in the marina bay. It’s also right next to the other 2 hotels that we are offering. The Westin Beach Resort is another option that we are giving to our travelers. It is a more luxurious resort with top of the line amenities. And we offer a budget resort that is perfect for the people that just went to get down to Puerto Vallarta at the cheapest rate. Rates for our Puerto Vallarta Program start at $999 which INCLUDES flights, hotel stay, transfers to and from the airport, and staff.


TCS: What are the new clubs in Puerto Vallarta this year?  What are the hot spots we should be going to?

JS: The clubs in Puerto Vallarta are unreal. Last week when I was down in PV I went to each club and got the ins and outs of exactly what clubs would be perfect for our travelers. Some of these Clubs are: Hyde, Mandala, Collage, Punto V. These clubs will all be featured on our party package. With purchase of these party packages the clubs will include Free Cover, Free Open Bar, and Free Bottle Service…Yes that’s right Free Bottle Service!

TCS: Any DJ or special appearance announcements?

JS: We are in talks currently with a few BIG name DJ’s. We know a huge percentage of our travelers are into the house music craze and we are going to bring down the talent that they want. I’ve spoken to a ton of managers, reps, and travelers about suggestions, and I can assure you they will be very happy when we make our announcement of who we are bringing down. We can’t give away all our secrets at once.

TCS: What’s the villa scene like?  What do you recommend for a first time Spring Breaker and a veteran?

JS: The Villa scene in Puerto Vallarta is absolutely gorgeous. Last week I went on a Villa tour and we locked up the top Villas in all of Puerto Vallarta. The good thing about planning a Villa through a Spring Break company is we know which Villas are Student Friendly. We know the students want to throw parties and have a great time at their Villas, so we are able to set them up with exactly what they want. People that try to do it on their own or through a company that has no experience can only choose a Villa based on pictures, there is a lot more to picking a Villa then the pictures…Trust me.

As for what I recommend, I always recommend that first time spring breakers, or under class man stay at the resort. There will be daily DJ pool parties, some with big name DJs so the students can really get the “Spring Break Experience.” As for upperclassmen it can go either way. A ton of upper class man still do want that spring break experience and like to stay at the resort. For the travelers that want to get away and be completely pampered and stay in a gorgeous mansion with unreal views, you cant go wrong with that. Wherever the traveler decides to stay, will be a win win situation.


TCS: What is the timing on booking trips?  Any advantages to booking ASAP? 

JS: Timing for booking trips is always better do it sooner then later. We are currently offering great summer deposit specials. Unlike any other company we only require a $75 deposit. Other companies charge $150. Also to meet our customers needs we offer a 100% no risk deposit. That means if they end up not being able to go, they can transfer their deposit over to a friend who hasn’t booked yet, or they can use their deposit the following year. But just like booking any trip, the earlier you do it, the better the rates are. The booking process is extremely easy as it as all done DIRECTLY through our website We don’t use a 3rd party website to except payments like some other companies out there.

TCS: While we’re at it, any ideas for a contest so we can send someone reading this article to Spring Break for half price?  Maybe the best Spring Break story below this article or our fan page?

JS: We are actually running a contest right now that gives everyone a chance to win a ton of different prizes. The prizes are ranging from $250 off your trip, all the way to a Free Trip, Party Package, AND VIP treatment. If you check out our Facebook event all the details are in the more info section!

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