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By Tony Peralez and Ann Redus

Through collaborative efforts of 2 up-and-coming brilliant young minds, the wheels have been set in motion to unveil an event that will not be forgotten.

On May 13th, 2010, The Campus Socialite will be having an event at the IVY Rooftop courtesy of two of The Campus Socialites more busy representatives, local San Antonio students Ann Redus and Tony Peralez. The Campus Socialite throws parties that create a buzz of events for college students nation wide, as well as develop a means to establish brands and local company names through it’s network of relationships and promotional capabilities.

This coming Thursday will mark the first time that The Campus Socialite is having a party in the great state of Texas, right here in San Antonio.

(Campus Socialite Ann Redus)                   (Campus Socialite Tony Peralez)

Ann Redus and Tony Peralez are more than just two interns working together, but are classmates, friends, and partners in crime. With their efforts, networks, passion, and ambition, they have thrown together a team of sponsors including Y Vodka, The SLIZ, local college print zine Study Breaks, Saweet Cupcakes, and local San Antonio hot spot Sultan Hookah Bar will also be sponsoring the event.

With the sum of these great sponsors and a venue such as the IVY Rooftop, the only thing missing to create the perfect picture is amazing tunes. COVERED. The Campus Socialite’s San Antonio Event will be featuring hit local artist DJ Catwalk. DJ Catwalk is both a student at the University of San Antonio and a full time DJ. Not only is she easy on the eyes but seeps into your ears and soul with beats and mixes that would wake the dead to groove to her creative blasts that are unlike any other to be found.

The Campus Socialite is known across the U.S. for throwing some sweet little shindigs for the college crowd, including their latest venture, hosting The Hofstra Music Festival. A concert that was thrown together by The Campus Socialite that was headlined by the legendary Ghost Face Killah, but also featured the likes of Street Light Manifesto, Bad Rabbit, and Kevin Devine. The fest was a huge hit and thanks to The Campus Socialite, attendance numbers pushed to near 7,000 people! Now it’s time to get dirty in the south and make the earth shake with a featured event that will drown out all others.

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The Campus Socialite is proud to invite each and everyone one of our illustrious committed readers to the May 13th event at the IVY Rooftop. So head out, get your picture taken for the site and for Study Breaks’ web site, take home some of our promotional products, and get ready to party your pants off.

Stay tuned for more updates from Ann Redus and Tony Peralez as things begin to unfold, drink specials are unveiled, VIP details, and sponsors and contributors are added. Also keep an eye out for Study Breaks Magazine’s coverage of the official Campus Socialite Party hitting San Antonio’s very own Ivy Rooftop this Thursday!

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