The Campus Socialite's Extra Help Session

Kim Kardashian is Naked and Full of It (Don Chavez)

The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today (One Quick Beer)

Tila Tequila Performs at Greenhouse (Yes, El Guapo!)

Pen Sexucation (I Am Bored)

Awkward Moments in Facebook Comments (College Humor)

9 Sneaky Ways to Let Him Know You Like Him (Your Tango)

My Weeklong Journey into Farmville (Unreality)

Megan Fox in Armani (Hail Mary Jane)

Chips: They’re What’s For Dinner (Yes But No But Yes)

Playoff Action, Day of Rivals, Coachella, and Two Bro-Worthy Movies (Bro Bible)

Saturday Night Live “Miracles” Parody (Heavy)

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