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Not a Tequila Fan? Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With This Beer “Cocktail” (The Bachelor Guy)

Batch 19 Beer: The Beer That Got Beer Banned (Mankind Unplugged)

Is Cannabis Treated Unfairly in the United States (Hail Mary Jane)

Thailand Hooker Catfight (Foundry Music)

Deep Inside Astroglide– What’s Really in That Bottle of Personal Lube? (Asylum)

Facebook Captcha Gone Wrong (Pic): Video Gone Viral (Video Gone Viral)

The 20 Funniest Fast Food Signs Of All Time (Manofest)

Lights, Camera, Fiction: 20 Videos That Define the Fanboy Phenomenon (Uproxx)

Assholeology, 5 Asshole Techniques That Every PR Person Should Know (Assholeology)

Jack Nicholson Does Not Like That Call, NBA Playoffs Video (NESW Sports)

The 25 Hottest Mexican Women Photos (Maxim)

A South of the Border Playlist for Cinco de Mayo (Bro Bible)

13 Surprising Facts About Cinco de Mayo (Star Costumes)

A Reasonable Alternative to Cell Phones (Holy Taco)

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