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While most of you were out celebrating Osama Bin Laden’s death at the bar, some very savvy New Yorkers were busy turning his rather “unfortunate situation” into a brilliant business venture, ultimately resulting in what I like to call a “giant wad of cash.”  This milestone in America’s war against terror presented Maurice Harary and Ezra Azizo with an opportunity to do what New Yorkers do best – Hustle.  Around 3:30am after Obama announced Bin Laden’s Demise, Harary launched a site, selling “Bin Laden is dead” T-shirts.

Osama Dead Tees features shirts with slogans such as Obama Killed Osama. Despite the catchy tagline, the best selling design since Monday has an uncanny resemblance to the dead smiley face emoticon.


After speaking with Azizo this morning, he told me that “when [he] woke up [the morning after launching the site, they] had over 2,700 orders.” In less than two days they made $120,000. That’s not even including the sales for the rest of the week! “To date [they have] sold over 35k t-shirts, and are expecting another 25k today from web-traffic.” These guys seriously know how to get it done, and have apparently kickstarted a new fashion trend that supports the relief American’s have after the demise of the mastermind behind 9/11.

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