The Chosen People: Ten Gorgeous Celebrity Shebrews (Part I)

The eight crazy nights are upon us and although Hanukkah may not have all the pomp and circumstance of its holiday counterpart Christmas, the Chosen People still know how to get down and party like it’s 164 BC (the year of the first Hanukkah, when the Temple of Jerusalem was restored; see, this blog is about a whole lot more than sex, drugs and booze, we are here to educate).  We of the Jewish faith may not have Santa Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, or even that cold-hearted old prick Ebenezer Scrooge but, as you will see below, we do go to shul and light the candles with some of the sexiest ladies in Hollywood today.  Check out the first half to our list of ten Hebrew hotties.

When it comes down to it, women don’t get much hotter than Natalie Portman. The Israeli-American actress has been on the scene since she was a little girl in the ever-badass The Professional. Since then, she’s rocked everything from Star Wars to V for Vendetta to Garden State. When a girl this awesome exists, it kind of puts the rest of them to shame.

After first appearing on the scene in Wedding Crashers, Isla (eye-luh) Fisher quickly became the girl every dude wished he was dating. She was funny and fun – and as hot as a three-alarm fire. Not only that, but she’s married to Sascha Baron Cohen. Normally a hot chick being taken off the market would piss us off, but when you’re as funny as that dude, you deserve a chick this awesome.

As the best host of Wild On!, Burke sits atop sexy mountain with a body and face so fly staring at her too long can give you vertigo. We’ve been checking out Brooke’s bangin’ body since before we can remember. That she has popped out two children and still looks this smokin’ hot is nothing short of amazing.

At 30-years-old, Kate Hudson is one of Hollywood’s biggest and hottest stars and, as a sidenote, many believe her to be the reason behind the turnaround of boyfriend and Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s postseason struggles. From Almost Famous to You, Me and Dupree, she has won us over with…well, with being super freaking sexy. Not too sure about How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, though. Could have done without that waste of time. But don’t get us wrong – she’s still super foxy.

Of course you’ve seen Mila Kunis on That ’70s Show and around the web, being her super hot Jewish self. But if you haven’t seen her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you are missing two of the best hours of your life.

Log back onto The Campus Socialite on Wednesday for the five remaining celebrity Jewish beauties.

* – Special thanks to COED Magazine for their contributions to this article.

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