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The Campus Socialite's Semester Abroad: "The Arrival"

By: Barry Fisher (University of Michigan)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barry Fisher and I’m your typical immature, disrespectful, entertaining junior in college. I’m about to go abroad to Barcelona and the rest is fucking history…

Chapter 1

Well if I couldn’t compose myself in my own country then I definitely can’t overseas. It is absolutely incredible that studying abroad is even legal. Think of how wild college is and then add a language barrier, a terrible exchange rate, no drinking laws, and absolutely no responsibility. There’s really only one word to describe it…EPIC.

My friends and I managed a way to completely scheme our class schedule so that we only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Even when we have class we have a 2-hour lunch break (which we refer to as halftime) where we each take a cheap bottle of wine to the face and then go back to two of our classes. School pretty much doesn’t exist. Our lives are complete jokes, but every moment continues to be truly euphoric. Life is good my friend.

Night 1 – Why wait until night 2 to make poor decisions when you can accomplish that on night 1. So we’re at this club on the first night and obviously the first priority is to find girls. There are these two girls dancing on a raised platform in the center of the dance floor so my friend Eric and I go to approach them. Eric proceeded to step up on this raised platform to dance with one of the girls and the second he got up there this girl tossed him off and told him that it was her dance floor. He responded with one of the better lines I’ve heard in a while and told her “I hook up with hotter bitches than you for breakfast.” This lead to her dumping her entire drink on him, a bouncer attempting to resolve the conflict, Eric spitting on the bouncer, me trying to defend him, and the two of us idiots getting kicked out of the club. As Mike Tyson says in the Hangover, we all do dumb shit when we’re fucked up.

Definitely gonna make some better moves in the future.

Stay tuned for a recap of my time in the international paradise known as Amsterdam, coming to you tomorrow exclusively on The Campus Socialite.

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