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By: Kevin Plaza

This whole summer of LeBron thing has finally seen its final days. The teams have made their offers, they have showed their skills by sending LeBron Sopranos episodes with him in it, Family Guy episodes poking fun at the Knicks, but it was all for nothing for most of these franchises. The Knicks made this offseason’s first huge splash by signing Amar’e Stoudemire to a max contract. Now the Miami Heat have re-signed Dwayne Wade and inked Chris Bosh, also to max contracts. So now all eyes will be on LeBron, as if they were ever off of him.

Tomorrow night at 9 PM ET on ESPN, we will all be “WITNESSES” as LeBron will make his decision on what team he will suit up for in the foreseeable future. This is probably one of the most important days in NBA history. People all over the world will tune in, and residents of New York, Miami, Chicago and Cleveland will all have their fingers crossed, hoping he decides to plays for their hometown teams. So tune in.

In all honesty there is only one team that I can see LeBron going to right now, the New York Knicks. Why would LeBron go back to Cleveland if he wants to win championships? He would never have a piece as good as Stoudemire in their lineup. Stoudemire has all the tools to become what Shaq was for Kobe in their dynasty years. No other team in the LeBron watch has that except for the Heat. The Heat now have two stars with Wade and Bosh, but LeBron wants to build his own legacy and not always be known as one of the big three in Miami. He wants to be the main guy. He will get that chance in New York. LeBron, New York awaits your presence.

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