I have found the new summer must have gadget. Check out The Dolphin! I am a huge fan of taking out the Seadoo and ripping up the water on Wave Runners but this new invention blows the Seadoo right out of the water (pun obviously intended).  The Innespace Productions Dolphin is able to perform sustained dives, huge jumps, barrel rolls and many other amazing acrobatic tricks.  Imagine rolling up to your friends backyard dock in a freaking dolphin.      

It can speed along at 30 mph on the surface and 20 mph below. Like an airplane, it has 3-axis control (pitch, roll and yaw). Its underwater travel is limited, however, to only a few feet under the surface and durations of about 15 seconds; the company says deeper dives may be possible with the use of supplementary compressed air.  The single-seat Angel draws power from a 110-horsepower Yamaha Waverunner engine.

Innespace is a project started in 1998 by Rob Innes (right) and Dan Piazza (left), who built the watercraft themselves.  For the designs, Innespace drew on the work of inventor Thomas Rowe, crediting his Noland 1 craft–a “variable attitude submersible hydrofoil” (VASH)—as the first lighter-than-water vehicle to move beneath the waves as if it were flying.  Rowe, whose work dates back some two decades, is separately working on a project that he calls the “bionic dolphin.”

Shoutout to D. Birnbaum for bringing this awesome summer aquatic device to The Campus Socialite’s attention.

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