By: Ashley-Lynn Goldstein


The day you have been waiting for is finally here. You have landed an interview for your dream internship. What you do in this interview can define your entire career, not to mention your summer plans. You want to make a fantastic impression and show that you are the girl they have to hire. “What am I going to wear? Is my handshake okay? Do I have enough business cards? What are they going to ask me?”


Don’t fret divas, I have complied a list of Do’s and Don’ts for interviews that will make sure you give your best impression possible.


1. Do wear something conservative. Don’t wear something your Grandma would wear.

Think business chic. You want to look professional and put together. Your outfit is a good way for your interviewer to learn a little bit about your personality. It is just as much of a mistake to wear something boring as it is to wear something too revealing. I always go with a little black dress with cute heals and a pretty scarf. Accessories are important and are a great way to show your personality.

2. Do come prepared. Don’t offer information that is not asked.

Make sure you have an extra copy of your resume with you along with samples of your work, letters of recommendation, and a business card with your contact information. You want to be prepared incase your interviewer asks you for any of theses things. It is also important that you do not offer too much information. If you are asked where you go to school don’t give information about how amazing your sorority is. Save that for small talk for coffee break. Your interviewer is very busy and does not have the time to hear about things he does not care about.

3. Do say yes. Don’t say yeah.

It is something small but it makes a huge difference. When you are speaking make sure you sound professional. I was made aware of this on the first interview I ever went on. The interviewer told me my “yeahs” sounded very unprofessional. I didn’t get the internship but did learn a very important lesson that day. Choose your words carefully so you can showcase just how smart and fabulous you really are!

4. Do show. Don’t Tell.

I know your parents have probably told you this way too many times (I know mine certainly have), but showing someone something is a lot more effective than telling them. Explain how hard-working you are by giving real life examples. Maybe it was when you stayed late at your last internship to work on a project or thought of an idea that was helpful to your previous boss.

5. Do practice. Don’t sound rehearsed.

It is a good idea to practice answers to some questions that think you may be asked. I always do a run through with my dad before an interview. He asks me hard questions so that way I feel prepared. Don’t write out a script or plan out what you are going to say too carefully. You want to make it look like you thought of all your sensational ideas on the spot. You want your interviewer to think you are just that good, because you are.


6. Do practice your handshake. Don’t break your interviewer’s hand.

It is a good idea to practice your handshake. My 12th grade English teacher made this very clear when we spent the entire forty-minute period handshaking each other. I’m not kidding. I have learned that your handshake should be firm but feminine. You are a lady after all.

7. Do be yourself. Don’t be nervous.

This is probably the most important thing to remember. You are a campus diva; you are smart and sophisticated. You are great just the way you are. You have everything you need to succeed! So remember my guidelines and always have confidence.