The Electrical Socket, Hidden Wall Safe: Pothead Necessity


outlet safe


I’m sure when the manufacturers of this little gem at created this thing, they had money, and pearl necklaces, and all kinds of actual valuables in mind. Great idea guys. Too bad your amazingly innovative invention is about to be used for all the drugs and contraband college students can fit. Throw your fake, hollowed out soda and shaving cream cans away. Every cop knows about those. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

outlet safe

Those of you at private schools don’t know the extreme anxiety that comes with watching actual State Fucking Troopers bust into your room at the first smell of Bud and search your entire room for your prized pieces and some-what hidden Weed stash. It’s awful but good thing the end of that unpleasantry is officially over. Unless the sweaty, donut-chomping cop searching your room happens to be a subscriber to (highly unlikely), who is ever gonna suspect that your wall outlet is hiding an 1/8 of Purple Haze and a Bubbler? No one.

super troopers

The price to be paid for 100% peace of mind while smoking in your dorm room is a measly $7.99. Yeah, really. It comes with a Cut-Out Saw so you don’t need anything else to install it and the face plate is interchangeable with any electrical outlet cover so you don’t have to worry about matching. It’s also made of “High Impact Metal,” in case someone feels like kicking it. Never fear the Long Dick of The Law again. Just tell them the smell is from the dorm next door. Those prissy girls could use a good scare.

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