The Emmys are Over: Stay Tuned for The Most Epic TV Premiere Week of 2011

boardwalk empire

Not sure about the rest of the country, and i’m way too lazy to find out, but it is fucking brick here in New York. No transition what-so-ever. One day the sun is shining and i’m planning a beach trip, then oversleeping, and next thing I know i’m in a sweater and shoes. All I want do do when I get home tonight is lay on the couch, watch TV, and not go near a door or window until tomorrow morning. But that’s just fine because we have now entered the most jam-packed week in TV Premieres, 2011. The Emmys just ended, and networks have used it as an excuse to unload every Season Premiere of every great show on television, all in this one little week. In celebration, TCS is providing you with the ultimate guide to what you should be watching on TV’s biggest nights: Monday through Thursday, and Sunday. We can’t name them all, but we will damn well try.

Monday: How I Met Your Mother (Season 7)

how i met your mother

I’ve never managed to get on schedule with How I Met Your Mother. Luckily, it’s already syndicated on seemingly every network on TV, providing me with a serious surplus of re-runs. The show has gained a huge following over the years, and it’s fans would kill their own parents if it meant seeing another season. Luckily it doesn’t and Season 7 premieres tonight. Season 6 ended on a huge cliff-hanger, mentioning proud bachelor, Barney’s future wedding. If that wasn’t crazy enough news, apparently Barney’s wedding will happen very soon and will serve as the place where Ted meets his future wife (“your mother”). How I Met Your Mother hasn’t lost any momentum, and through 6 Seasons, that is saying a lot. Hopefully, Season 7 will continue the tradition of non-stop hilarity and i’ll have more re-runs to watch on Netflix.

Honorable Mentions: The Playboy Club, Two and a Half Men (Without Charlie Sheen), Comedy Central Roast (With Charlie Sheen)

Tuesday: Workaholics (Season 2)


Workaholics is the kind of show that you might catch a few minutes of and think was kinda weird. Take our word though, if you invest the time into it, you will love it. Every group of friends has a distinct brand of humor specific to their own interactions. Workaholics is proof that those groups of friends could potentially get their own TV show, and a 2nd Season. We did an interview with the guys from Workaholics right when the 1st Season started, and they were just as funny in person as they are in the show. Call us partial, but on a network (Comedy Central) that averages 5 single Season flops a year, a 2nd season means people like what they’re seeing. You should too.

Honorable Mentions: New Girl, Tosh.0 ASU Invasion

Wednesday: Blue Mountain State (Season 3)

blue mountain state

I was going to go with Modern Family because I think it’s one of the best shows on TV, but Blue Mountain State is just too college to ignore. Season 3 will begin with back to back episodes. All I can tell you right now is the first one is called “Dic Pics,” and as someone with a lot of experience in said area, i’m already sold. For those who don’t know, Blue Mountain State is about a fictional Football team (The Goats) at a fictional college, doing everything you always imagined a college football team would. Picture a lot of hazing, a lot of drinking, and a lot of Hot Girls. Sound awesome? No? Get off my site.

Honorable Mentions: Modern Family, Law & Order: SVU

Thursday: The Office (Season 8 )

the office

If you don’t watch The Office at this point, i’m sure I can’t convince you, and for the already fans, i’m sure you’re well aware of all that’s gone down. None the less, how could I put any other show in this slot than the one with the biggest following on television. Since I can’t give you any information about the show you don’t already know, instead i’ll use this space to make a case for why against all odds, it might actually survive. I’ve long been saying that The Office is past it’s glory days and that Michael Scott leaving would kill it completely. Then I saw the interview scene for the new boss in town, Robert California (James Spader), who will takeover Michael Scott’s position at the start of Season 8.

Can this fast-talking, sales guru be half as funny as Steve Carrell? Your guess is as good as mine. But he is very good, very intense and very interesting, and may just be the drastically different personality infusion that this show has needed for a long time. California is good enough to have a show created around him, that’s for sure. His ability to revive an already existing show may not be so different.

Honorable Mentions: Parks and Recreation, Community, Whitney

Sunday: Boardwalk Empire (Season 2)

boardwalk empire

The best TV show on the best TV network is back for Season 2. We’re still crying ourselves to sleep about Entourage being over (and how fucking awful the finale was) but the good thing about HBO is there is never a shortage of great programming. The first season of Boardwalk Empire brought us an endless fountain of drama, comedy, violence, 1920’s gangster badassery and all the nudity and soft-core porn a Socialite could ask for.

Nucky Thompson’s war with Arnold Rothstein, the fixer of the 1919 World Series and quite possibly the most famous Jewish gangster of all time. His monopolist stronghold over the illegal liquor business is all but insured, except for the fact that his mentor, his protogé and his own brother are all conspiring against him. Add in the fact that the law has officially entered his former main-squeeze’s pants and his new main-squeeze doesn’t exactly approve of his lifestyle. The odds are stacked against Nucky Thompson and he doesn’t even know it. The Sophmore season is always make or break, and HBO somehow managed to provide an action packed 1st season while setting up the circumstances for a all-out Shit Show of a 2nd. Just writing all that gave me half a hard-on.

Honorable Mentions: Family Guy, The Simpsons

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