The Face of the Infomercial, Billy Mays, Dead at 50

It is never easy to report that a widely known and well-liked public figure has passed away, so it is with heavy hearts that we at the Campus Socialite inform you that Billy Mays died earlier today.  The 50-year-old television pitchman was found dead in his Tampa home Sunday morning and the commercial world is now left without its brightest star.

UPDATE: Billy Mays likely died of a heart attack but further tests are needed, a Florida medical examiner said Monday.  Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease and this may have contributed to his passing.

Mays had recently returned from an OxiClean commercial shoot in Philadelphia and his flight home underwent a blown tire which led to a particularly rough landing that caused Billy to hit his head hard on the aircraft ceiling. Although Mays reportedly was acting normal following the flight, there is some doubt as to its role in his untimely death.   Mays’s family is seeking privacy in the coming days to mourn Billy’s passing.

Mays is just one of four notable celebrities to pass away this week, joining late-night television star Ed McMahon, iconic actress/model Farrah Fawcett, and King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  The entertainment world is reeling in the wake of these trying times, however with tributes sure to be planned and the knowledge that these departed celebrities would want their peers to move forward in their honor, the show must go on.

Rather than dwell on Billy Mays’s unfortunate death, the Campus Socialite prefers to chronicle the high points of his career with some of Mays’s more memorable infomercials including his legendary OxiClean spots and the more recent work he has done for ESPN360.  In the current dark era of ShamWow and Slap Chop infomercials, Billy will truly be missed.





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