friday night fights

The Friday Night Fights 2012 Season Opener is this Friday Night!

friday night fights

You might remember a couple of months ago when I interviewed Justin Blair and Alex Ma, commisioner of Friday Night Fights, the premier Muy Thai fight promotion of New York and one of its best, undefeated fighters. It’s been a long off-season since  I sat in Justin’s office and talked fights for over an hour and got to see Alex Ma increase his record to 4-0 by destroying his way more experienced opponent later that week. It’s a good thing Friday Night Fights is back with a new season this Friday night, and tickets are still available to one of the best shows in town. In New York, that’s saying a lot.

friday night fights

Doors open at 7:30 PM at Hall at St. Pauls on 9th avenue between 59th and 60th. If you live in the city, or Brooklyn or Long Island, or even up in the boonies of upstate (no offense country dudes), it’s 100% worth the trip. Picture yourself in a giant crowd of people, watching two guys kick the shit out of each other, in a ring that isn’t 30 feet away from you at any point. They serve beer too, authentic Thailand beer, complete with authentic Thailand music. And chicken fingers.

alex ma

According to, the main event will be between Alex Berrios (6-2) and Ben Case who’s record isn’t listed. According to the website, “Both fighters are amongst the most technically proficient fighters in North America.” The undercard will also feature some of the best fighters in the states, and if Thailand didn’t happen to exist, probably the world. Tickets are still on sale but I wouldn’t wait. 2011 has more sold out shows than Friday Night Fights has ever had in its years of history. I’m willing to bet that almost anyone who’s ever attended before is trying to snatch up a ticket as we speak. I know I am.

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