The Hacker Girlfriend: One B**CH You Don’t Want Mess With (Video)

Hacker Girlfriend

June 23, 2013: Generation YM announces the launch of their new original content YouTube series sponsored by Maxthon (Download Maxthon free – PC/ MAC) entitled “Hacker Girlfriend”, starring viral personalities SassiBob, Jessica Lizama, and KeeptheHeat’s Alex Russo. The series follows sexy, tech-vlogger SassiBob through a string of hilariously nerdy adventures with a twist. View the first episode – for free -at:

Keith McElwain, CEO of Generation YM hails, “SassiBob in Hacker Girlfriend takes the phrase ‘sexy geek’ to a whole new level: her performance is energetic and funny with crazy plot turns and hilarious twists from start to finish!” Not just a story, Hacker Girlfriend is also a game within a story about gaming that any viewer can play. The contest begins as a scavenger hunt that challenges the viewer to find key objects hidden in each scene and ends with true test of movie mastery by asking viewers to match quotes from Hacker Girlfriend to their favorite movie titles. Prizes include t-shirts, give-a-ways from the set, and a special chance to have a meet and greet with the cast. Viewers will enter the contest at: With plenty of gamer references, tribute to geeky classics, and the latest in Android, Hacker Girlfriend is bubbling with all things tech. It comes as no surprise the first episode is sponsored by a long-time favorite of the truly internet-savvy, Maxthon. Maxthon makes seriously high-performance browsers for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android and is, without doubt, the best browser ‘you’ve never heard of…’ Until now.

Download Maxthon – for free – to improve your web experience here:

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