The I’m Watch: The World of Social Media, Strapped to Your Wrist

i'm watch

Let’s face it. Unless your wrist wear makes a serious statement, there’s no logical reason to wear a watch. The practicality of two mechanical arms telling you what time of day it is died with the Smartphone. Don’t let the Hipster with the pocket watch chained to his skinny jeans tell you otherwise. But taking your phone out every 2 seconds to check how many people commented on your Keg Stand photos  can be a pain in the ass. If you can have time on your wrist, in 2011, why can’t you have Social Media too. Good news. You can.


The I’m Watch connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth and allows you to access Twitter, Facebook and everything else you need to be a Social Media Don. You can also display pictures, check news, listen to music, and yes, it will tell you what time it is. A couple of years back I would have called this thing a joke. Those days are over. Social Media is not only cool, if you have any aspirations of being a big deal in college or anywhere else, you need it. They’re pretty cool looking too. A lot of colors and not as bulky as their predecessor models. I’ll admit, it required some deliberation, but the I’m Watch is fucking cool. Socialite Approved. Get it right here.

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