The Leaders of Tomorrow Assemble at The Churchill Club to Shape Our Future

Back in April, The Campus Socialite had the pleasure of interacting directly with some of the brightest young minds in the universe at the Second Annual Kairos Global Summit at the New York Stock Exchange.  Our first taste of college entrepreneurialism left us hungry for more and fortunately Silicon Valley’s leading business and technology forum – The Churchill Club (Microsoft’s facilities) – served as the venue to showcase our society’s future business leaders and their outlook on the world and industry.  The Churchill Club: Leaders of Tomorrow event, sponsored by public records and information provider, Intelius, was even more exclusive than the Second Annual Kairos Global Summit and offered an in-depth look at the plans of Generation Y’s top entrepreneuers as their groundbreaking start-up companies continue to blossom and shape today’s market.

The Audience enjoying the discussion by InteliusGal.

The audience at The Churchill Club witnessed the unique views and opinions of today’s aspiring entrepreneur channeled through the voices and demonstrations of five exceptional students, each of whom is also a company founder.  The students were selected from among 100 startups showcased at the Second Annual Kairos Global Summit this past April. Kairos Society Founder Ankur Jain opened the reception by introducting the panelists, check out what he had to say below:

Following Jain’s remarks, the event moderator and editor-at-large of Fortune Magazine, Patty Sellers, took the reins and among other things remarked that “More than ever, Fortune 500 companies have to think like entrepreneurs.”  Listen closely as Patty puts each panelist on the hot seat and discusses how they envisioned their future from a young age.

Once all the the formalities were completed, it was time to see what made each of these students so special – the products and services they created with their own hard work, dedication, and creative vision.  Here’s a brief overview of each entrepreneur’s contribution:

Catherine Gao, Co-founder, Givology (Social Impact Entrepreneurship Award winner): Givology is an online giving marketplace that leverages the Internet to pool micro-donations that collectively go toward supporting education projects in the developing world.

Karen Tucker visits the Givology Booth by InteliusGal.

Ben Gulak, Founder, BPG Motors (Technology Entrepreneurship Award winner): BPG Motors is an eco-friendly transportation company offering a practical, non-polluting vehicle with style.

Naveen Jain visits the BPG Motors Booth by InteliusGal.

Jason Halpern, Co-founder, PowerFlower Solar (Sustainability Entrepreneurship Award winner): PowerFlower Solar designs and manufactures solar devices for deployment on agricultural land.

Exploring PowerFlower Solar by InteliusGal.

Dániel Rátai, Co-founder, Leonar3Do (International Entrepreneurship Award winner): Leonar3Do turns an ordinary PC into a 3D virtual reality system that can be easily accessible by anyone, allowing the user to create his or her own virtual world in the space in front of the monitor.

Bob Richards tries Leonar3Do by InteliusGal.

Josh Weinstein, Founder, GoodCrush (Marketing Entrepreneurship Award winner): GoodCrush offers a college-only social-dating site and mobile app with features such as anonymous matching, missed connections, double-blind messaging and profiles; and a college-only random video chat service,

Pattie Sellers visits the GoodCrush Booth by InteliusGal.

Regardless of their particular business, the five gifted students recognized at The Churchill Club: Leaders of Tomorrow event all have one attribute in common – when it comes to molding the future of our world’s social and economic environemnt, they will be major players that will have their voices heard for years to come.

The Panel Discussion is Underway by InteliusGal.

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