The Love for "My Long Distance Relationship" Knows No Boundaries

Relationships are a constant struggle – whether you’re the dude compromising your Sunday football rituals to do the grocery shopping or the girl putting that bag back on the rack because you need to save up for your man’s birthday present, love is a tricky game of give and take.  Of all the trials and tribulations that test the strength of a romantic bond, none are harder to overcome than distance.  Physical separation between two people can put a strain on them mentally, emotionally, and quite frankly – sexually.  I don’t mean to get all sentimental on you and I should let you know there can be a lighter side to couples drama, a funny situation that is put on display in My Long Distance Relationship – a hilarious web series based on a fictional college couple trying to make things work despite the thousands of miles that set them apart.  Read on to learn more about‘s recent release of season one of  My Long Distance Relationship, a DVD series distributed through CreateSpace by

For those of you not too familiar with My Long Distance Relationship, take a look a quick rundown of what this one of a kind campus comedy is all about:

My Long Distance Relationship zooms in on two college freshmen, the sweet and hopelessly devoted Sam (Dan Levy) at fictional Far West University in Oregon, and his cute and bubbly girlfriend Samantha (Rachel Specter), attending South Southern East State in Florida. The lovebirds leave their hometown nest – but not their relationship – behind and head out to separate colleges more than 3,000 miles apart! Armed with a webcam to keep them connected, the couple brings viewers along as they encounter laugh-out-loud awkward situations that constantly threaten and disrupt their lovey-dovey relationship.

Complete with steamy scenes, ridiculous moments with Eddie the roommate, a sexy RA named Cody and Sam’s unforgettable “dioramas,” My Long Distance Relationship offers a hilarious first- hand look at the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a typical college “LDR.”

The brand-new 45-minute DVD is available at for $9.99 and comes complete with features all ten of season one’s memorable 4-5-minute episodes. My Long Distance Relationship is available via CreateSpace DVD on Demand and is the latest example of the fast-growing trend in online series being distributed on DVD through CreateSpace by – a new-wave, innovative distribution network of both short and long-form digital series inspired by the creative minds at Sony Pictures Entertainment Company.

Check out My Long Distance Relationship at and then go to our comments section to share the wildest and funniest lengths you’ve gone to in order to save a relationship.  If we like your story, you will be eligible to win a free copy of My Long Distance Relationship season one courtesy of  Enter now before the new semester begins!

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