The Making of the Blueprint III Album Cover (Amazing Video)

The album cover  to the Blueprint 3 is by far one of the most cleverly put together pieces of musical album art that I have seen in a very long time.  The concept truly hits home with the amazing tracks that Jay-Z has paved on the CD.  If we disect what Jay’s notion is here and the artist(s) that put it together, there is almost a vintage feel to the picture that really does hit deep in to the heart of an avid musician or music listener.

Let’a put a spotlight on the album color. The generic white of all the instruments gives off  an ambience as if the intricately structured instruments are in a hospital and have been surgically  constructed based on the schematics of a blue print.   They’re in lies the direct meaning of “The Blueprint.” As for the 3 burnt orange stripes coming down a vintage recording deck, according to Jay this was the first number three ever drawn.  The significance of the stripes draws a direct correlation between the classical emotions that his  intended audiences are supposed to feel and are synergistic to the simple yet ancient numerical three that he chose to have stand out in the front of the musical design.  Jay-Z created a nostalgic album of music that digs into the heart of what it means to be a musician, and all the influences that dug in to the soul of Jay himself.  We can almost experience Jay-Z as if it were his Reasonable Doubt days thanks to the reputation that Blueprint 3 will forever live up to. According to Jay, the inspiration for the Blueprint 3 contributes to the life force of what music is today, and what lies ahead for future generations of the upcoming music era in relation to its current and emerging musicians.   With the completion of the Blueprint trilogy, Jay-Z will continue his legacy where according to sources he has already begun to record his follow up to The Blueprint 3.

Jay Z Talks About The 3 Stripes

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