The Nerd’s Word: Don’t Let Senioritis Cloud Your Final Semester

It’s easy to tell if you have senioritis (the odds are that if you aren’t sure, then you probably are a victim of the widespread condition). But why do seniors get senioritis? Sometimes they’re just plain sick of their studies after four (or five, or six) years and have run out of motivation. Sometimes students have a case of the college senior year graduation blues – that is, they’re stressed out about the financial and emotional aspects of the huge life change they’re about to make. And sometimes, students just want to have fun and enjoy their last semester with their friends.  All of this is perfectly normal, but unfortunately, this can lead to lousy grades and other consequences. Here are some of the Nerd’s finest tips to help students “treat” their senioritis.

Assess the Potential Damage of Senioritis

Goofing off your final semester isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if you can afford to do so. Before senioritis fully sets in, assess the damage that will happen if you neglect your classes your last semester. If you can’t think of any serious consequences, it may be just fine to goof off.

However, be sure to assess the situation carefully. Are you considering graduate school in a few years? If so, you really need to keep your grades up, especially in classes related to your major. Is your GPA on the low end? If so, you might need to do fairly well your last semester in order to graduate. Are you taking a class that is especially relevant to your prospective career, or where the professor might be able to write you a letter of recommendation? If so, this is not the right class to blow off.

Of course, keep in mind that you don’t want to fail any of your classes, as this may mean no graduation.

Balance Work and Play

Fortunately, senioritis comes in different levels. It’s entirely possible to goof off in moderation and still do well enough in your classes. By your senior year, you hopefully already know a little bit about balancing college work with college fun. It’s the same thing with senior year. Set priorities for yourself as to what really needs to get done well and what can get done without your full effort.

Enjoy Your Final Semester of Classes

You may not believe this now, but after graduation, you might actually miss your classes, so try to enjoy the experience while you can (at least a little bit). Your last semester may be a good time to take a fun elective, especially since seniors typically get first dibs at classes. Since many schools allow students a pass-fail option their senior year, this may be a good time to try something new that you’re not all that great at, like a performing arts class.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have fun your last semester, or with simply feeling too burnt out to be a top-notch scholar. By being realistic about your situation and striving to achieve a balance, you’ll find that your bout of senioritis is entirely treatable.  In just a week from now, the Nerd will help you deal with the major transition brought on by college graduation, particularly in the tough job market.

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