The Nerd’s Word: Take Note of this Technique

Like reading, note-taking is a skill which must be learned and refined. Proper note-taking can make or break a student’s GPA as it is often the key to performing well on exams, particularly in lecture based courses.  Unfortunately, the note-taking is deficient among many college students, but the Nerd is here to help you improve your skill set one bullet point at a time.  Learning the ingredients of good note-taking is rather easy; applying them to your own situation depends on how serious you are in becoming a successful student.

Taking accurate and concise lecture notes is essential. Students can best develop the habit of taking notes using appropriate methods described earlier in the SQ3R technique ( For example, when you listen to a lecture, formulate questions as you listen. Your main job in taking useful notes is to be a good listener and learn to focus and concentrate on the main points of the lecture. Get them down, and then later reorganize them in your own words. Once you have done this, you have set the stage for successful reviewing and revising.

As you prepare for tests or other assessments, you should spend time reviewing and revising your lecture notes. Begin the process by reviewing this material right after a lecture. If you wait too long, you may discover that the notes just don’t make sense. Don’t hesitate to revise your notes based on the review process.

Any form of note-taking that requires compilation of information by categories, rather than in narrative form is best done using index cards. You can sort, edit and arrange index cards to suit your particular study needs. The most important point in using cards is to indicate the correct reference or topic at the top of the card. Use the cards for study, review, to help organize information for papers, reports, or projects. Notes and flashcards (in PowerPoint format) can also be organized in a database using your computer.  Once organized, finding, updating and adding new information is quite easy. 

You must learn to keep notes logically and legibly.  Loading up your notebooks with lecture info and feeding your mind with Nerd Energy drink is a recipe for academic success.  Keep it with the Socialite for next week’s Nerd Word on the ever-important and often nerve-racking test taking procedure.  


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