The New PlayStation Vita Takes Gaming For A Ride


If you are the ultimate gamer, be prepared to be one happy camper. Sony’s latest attempt to create the next must-have item is the Vita which will be released on February 22. Already released in Japan, the Vita looks way sicker than the PSP which never lived up to the hype of being a must own product. Vita has the chance to be the premiere portable gaming console with a Dualshock controller, a 5 inch high-defintion OLED display, a touchscreen capable of browsing your favorite websites, and a camera that can shoot movies or engage in video chats. The Vita also incorporates both 3G and Wi-Fi capability meaning you can literally now play your favorite games wherever and whenever.

Here’s the bad news. Nowadays with smartphones, iPads, and tablets it seems that anyone can play games without having to spend money on a new product. The Vita costs $250 for a Wi-Fi plan and $300 for a 3G plan. On top of the 3G plan, you will need an additional data plan that could cost up to $25 for every 2GB you use. It is pretty expensive for the average person who simply likes video games considering they can just go back to their dorm room or apartment to play the exact same games. The Vista does make sense though if you’re diehard gamer who needs the thrill of being able to play and smack talk with your friends on a 24-7 basis. Take a look for yourself at the latest Sony creation.