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It seems like the cool new thing to do is take beer drinkers’ opinions and turn them into alcohol. Google and Dogfish Head teamed up to make URKontinent (which was crowdsourced from Google employees worldwide), and now Sam Adams is going straight for the popular vote: The Crowd Craft Project lets you design the brew.


Then the Boston-based brewery will combine your choices with all the others nationwide and build a beer out of them by crowdsourcing. In case you didn’t know, “crowdsourcing is the act of sourcing tasks traditionally performed by specific individuals to a group of people or community through an open call.” That’s right I did just copy that straight off Wikipedia. So sue me. If you wanna know what type of beer I enjoy, check out my choices below:

You get to choose the hops, yeast, malt, body, clarity, and color – and the rest is up to them. You have until February 5 to throw your card in there, so get on over to Sam Adams’ Facebook fan page and vote! The final brew will be released the first week of March in Austin, Texas.

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