By: Tony Peralez (UTSA)

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Delinquency in the NFL is at a high this year and has received more than enough negative attention in the latter end of this past decade.

With drug possession, controlled substances, barroom brawls, sexual assault, gunshots and disorderly conduct, and prostitution with an under aged young woman, it seems that the integrity and social standards of the NFL is at an all time low.

I personally am I huge football fan. I have no problem shouting from the rooftops that this is absolutely the best sport to watch on this planet. I defend it quite a bit even though my back may be against a wall. But here lately, I am at a loss for why I’m defending particular people when they truly don’t deserve my support.

I used to assume a role that was less biased and more objective. Putting on a hat that says, “I don’t care what they do off the field, as long as they play ball and entertain on the field,” just seems to represent nothing more than ignorance. Turning a blind eye to these off field shenanigans just praises the allegations that professional athletes are above the law.

Of course the entire league isn’t shrouded in negativity and handcuffs. With the exception of the few off the field antics, the NFL is actually full of do-gooders and social saints that this world actually could use more of. These players lead projects in health innovation for obese children, create home building opportunities for families that are less fortunate, and spend time and money in different foundations for folks that need a little something extra from the world.

Although things look a little dark for the NFL and there is a lot of negative attention focused on pro football, there is still plenty of goodwill among these fortunate athletes.

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