Obama’s Ride: The Presidential Cadillac is More Like a Batmobile (Diagram)

obama cadillac limo

You can tell a lot about a dude by the car he drives. Whether you’re rich or poor, there are hundreds to choose from, and when you’re rolling down the street, you want that car to say something. An early 90’s Saturn means you’d probably rather spend your money on an ounce of weed than a monthly car payment. A Hummer means you probably have a small dick. And so on. When news surfaced that President Barack Obama had some car trouble in Ireland this weekend, I found myself wondering “What car says I’m the Fucking President?” The Leader of the Free World would have to have something tough, something big, something Presidential, no? Well today I received my answer, and conveniently so, in Image form. Not only does Obama drive a Cadillac, the classic Baller-mobile, but Obama’s Cadillac is more fit for an invasion than a cruise down the street. Thought the Batmobile was cool? Check out the gadgets and features on the $1 Million plus, Obama Cadillac. Air Force One on wheels. Click Image to Enlarge.

obama cadillac


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