by: Ann Redus (UTSA)

Women absolutely do not want to be hit on at the gym. That is just one thing I, personally, cannot stand. Even if it’s not happening to me, I can totally tell when a girl is trying to get out of an awkward situation with a guy. There needs to be a universal word that all women can yell out to let others know that she needs rescuing from this creep by the free weights. Maybe it’s a compliment that even after doing some serious cardio, we’re smelly, sweaty, we’re in work out clothes, and you still find us attractive; but I can bet that most women don’t feel comfortable being approached by men at the gym. My goal at the gym isn’t to socialize.

My goal is to workout as hard as possible so that I look better than the next girl that walks by. Respect the fact that we’re there to improve our image, and in most cases it’s to impress the male species. Leave us alone. I wish there were t-shirts out there that said, “If I have my iPod in, do not talk to me,” or “Not now, Chief, I’m in the zone,” because if there was, I would wear one every time I worked out. I mean, don’t get me wrong… women like to know that you’re interested, but there’s a time and place for everything and hitting on a female at the gym is not the time nor the place. Oh, and what’s even more annoying are those juicehead guys that choose to hit on some chick he thinks is hot right in front of the machine I’m trying to use. (Excuse me; I’m trying to work on my quads. Move. Thanks). If you’re really that into her, and you just can’t wait to get her number, take it somewhere else – like the water fountain.

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